Friday, December 21, 2012

Ornament Exchange: Holiday Display!

So, over the past few weeks, eight other bloggers and I made and mailed ornaments for each other.  You can see my ornament here.  Receiving seven little packages in the mail was such a nice thing.  Everyone's attention to detail was fantastic, not only with the ornaments but with the packaging as well.  Sadly my mailman does not have much respect for this, and squished a few of the packages into my little tiny mailbox.  So, I do not have a fun photo of all of the packages together for you.  I do get to share where they are in my apartment though!

The view from my front door

We don't have a tree this year, since we won't be celebrating Christmas in Brooklyn.  My boyfriend bought a wreath (for the requisite tree smell), and we hung the ornaments in the archway leading to our living room.  
Each ornament is so different, and so clearly reflects the blogger who made it!
Miranda's, Suzanne's, Megan's, and Jen's ornaments.

Madalynne's, Kelli's, Sonja's, and Dixie's ornaments.
Thanks again to all of the bloggers who participated, and especially Kelli for organizing it! If you're interested in seeing where everyone else hung their ornaments, don't miss their posts: 

Sonja of Ginger Makes
Suzanne of Beau Baby
Miranda of One Little Minute
Megan of Megan Nielsen
Jen of Grainline
Dixie of Dixie DIY
Kelli of True Bias

I know things have been very quiet around here for a while... life has been packed with things to do, and outside of Christmas present making (which I am still working on!!) I have not had time to do any sewing or knitting.  After the holidays I'll get to share the gifts I made though, and you can bet as soon as I have a little time to spare I will be back to selfish sewing.  

Happy Holidays, everyone!


  1. Fun - I love how you've displayed them!

  2. Oh, these look so cute hung in the archway like that! Yay!

  3. These are so fun all lined up! (genius with the mini-hooks. I would've just stuck'm up with tape!) It was so fun to "meet" you through this swap. Have a very Merry Christmas!