Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 5: Unblogged Projects

HELLO, WORLD! It's been a while! Life happened, you know? And it's still happening.  But I decided new year = new blogging conviction.  So here I am.  I'm jumping on the Top 5 list bandwagon again, but this time with my Top 5 unblogged projects.  I have quite the backlog of projects going, and some of my favorite makes of this year are from the last few months.  Unfortunately only I got through 3 photos before I got sick (I'll be celebrating the new year in style with jello and Gatorade) so I can only offer hanger photos for the last two.  Here we go...

Wanna-be Archer

1. Wanna-be Archer

So I made this top based off of a vintage pattern, when I was being stubborn about buying the Archer shirt pattern.  Due to an unfortunate fabric slicing incident when I was trimming the seam allowances with my rotary cutter, it is admittedly a tiny bit more fitted than I had envisioned and consequently gapes a tiny bit at the front.  I wore it a lot in the late summer though, and the rayon is so soft and comfy.  I used leftover challis for the fronts from this dress, and solid black rayon for the yoke, back, and buttonband. The pearl snaps were a nightmare to put in, but I finally got them to stick and haven't had any trouble since.

Floral Explosion Archer

2. Floral Explosion Archer

Then I gave in and bought the Archer pattern, and made this shirt from a cotton floral.  The cotton is a little stiffer than I would prefer for a shirt with this much ease - I felt a little lost in it when I first made it up, and decided to cinch it at the CB with loops and a couple of buttons.  I don't love how this makes the back fall, but it does improve the appearance from the front.  This isn't a garment I love on it's own - a little too much small floral for my liking.  I do wear it a fair amount layered under sweaters though, and enjoy the floral in smaller doses.  And I know I need to make more Archers in drapey fabric, a la Andrea, because that's more up my alley.  I may also try cutting a 2 instead of a 4.  I think I was so ecstatic to see my bust AND waist in the same size column that I just went for it. 

Bomb Girls Shirt Dress

3. Bomb Girls Shirt Dress

I made this dress way back in June.  It began its life as a Saltspring dress from Sewaholic, but the top was a little too voluminous for my liking.  So, I hacked off the skirt and made up a new bodice based on Simplicity 4171, nipping the pattern in at the waist.  The fabric is rayon with a crepe-like texture (which I suspect contributed to the extra-voluminous Saltspring bodice).  I love the vintage-y look of this dress, and that it works well with tights in fall or without in summer.  It contains all of my favorite things - a slightly full skirt, fitted waist, side seam pockets, metal buttons, a collar, cute sleeves, and rayon!  

Floral Fields Shirt Dress

4. Floral Fields Shirt Dress

Another shirt dress, and more rayon! I used Simplicity 2403, with a gathered rectangle for the skirt and the sleeves from Colette Laurel. This one also got a ton of wear, though it is not without its issues.  The waist is a tiny bit big, and the buttons are unevenly spaced.  I always forget if the buttonhole ends up below where you start or above, and I got it wrong here.  The rayon was too lightweight to rip out the stitches, so I left it.  The floral fabric, which I love because I can wear any color of tights with this dress, is not in the best shape - it was a remnant from Etsy and in a couple of places I had to fuse a little interfacing to the back where holes were developing.  But it's so nice and soft and drapey that I will wear it until it disintegrates.

Dogstooth Laurel

5. Dogstooth Laurel

Another Colette Laurel, one that saw a lot of wear for work once tights weather rolled around.  I added a little fake pocket to the front.  The dogstooth fabric is a woven that feels spongey and stretches like a knit.  The black is doubleknit.  At some point I would love to re-cut the sleeves, because they flare out towards the bottom in a way I don't like (and it shows through when I put a sweater on).  A small complaint though, and an easy fix.

All in all it's been a good year.  I'm looking forward to new beginnings in 2014, and hopefully lots of sewing! Happy New Year!


  1. glad you popped in with these projects! love your laurel! and i really like the floral archer, esp with the sweater. i bet a couple fisheye darts in the back would nip it in for you. happy 2014!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Fisheye darts are definitely something I'm considering for my next one!

  2. You have been missed, truly! I love your style, and I love all these makes. Happy New Year, and get to feeling better soon.

    1. Thank you for noticing I was gone :)

  3. heureuse de vous revoir avec de si belles coutures.Bonne année 2014, bonne couture.

  4. What a great selection of makes! My absolute favourite is the Bomb Girls Shirt Dress - all those details are divine and it looks great!

  5. Thank you! I do love that dress... all the little details are what make it I think.